Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nightime Skincare


My theory when it comes to nighttime skincare is don't do or use anything you're not prepared to do for the long term. I think what you do to your skin and how you treat it not only shows in the present but guarantees what kind of skin you will be waking up to years from now.
With that in mind, I try to keep it simple so it is doable every single day and as natural as possible, I know it is hard to go 100% natural but where I can I do so.
For starters I like a good cleanse by implementing this cleansing routine  which consists of a double cleanse I have noticed the biggest change, a greater change that any product has delivered thus far. I start with a cleansing balm I use the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm really massage it in,  melts away any make up and has diminished the need for a separate eye makeup remover. I then remove the balm with a wet washcloth and give my face a rinse, I follow up with a gentle cleanse to remove anything that might be left over, for this step I use Purlisse Pur Delicate Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser. For toners I honestly haven't found something I have fallen in love with I just use a good rosewater it smells refreshing and it calms my skin.
Moisturising is and has always been a challenge with dry acne prone skin but for me the ultimate moisturiser for whatever ever skin type you are is Rosehip oil I use a different brand every time I run out. With rosehip oil you notice a definite difference in your skin texture and moisture but  I see the biggest difference  when I stop using it for a couple weeks its seriously like my skin is falling apart. Under eye cream is a recent addition I always believed  it was not a needed step thanks to Paula Begoun ( she came out with those  "Don't go the cosmetic counter without me" books) her theory that you are basically buying face cream in a smaller bottle and paying more. But regular eyecream gave me milia (bumps underneath my eyes) and they constantly felt dry. Since starting to use Sibu Seabuctorn Age Defying Eye Cream, I have definitely noticed a big change and kind of feel foolish for not jumping on the eye cream band waggon sooner.
For the final bits, I really like using an eyelash growth serum I have been using Rapid Lash and I definitely noticed that my lashes were thicker and long. I used to use it every nigh but now I have cut down to couple times a week just to maintain the results.

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  1. I have that same exact Rose Water! I've been using a completely natural skincare routine for over 6 months now. I mean, shopping in the herb aisle of the supermarket kind of natural! My skin has been looking good (I think!) but I'm concerned that I'm letting wrinkles happen around my eyes, and was thinking of purchasing something with retinol. Those are pricey, though, so I'm not entirely sure I'll commit!


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